Friday, January 28, 2011

Took yesterday off and went to see traces at Ricardo Montalban Theatre in L.A. Pretty good show, its an acrobatic show. 90 minute show and they filled it up nicely. I usually buy tickets from ticketmaster, but found this one site and tested it out with this show, and no issues..and it was about 50% cheaper..if you join up, use my ref link at least :)

Today I ran bad as you can see the redline is what I should have won or lost, and the green line is what I actually lost. It all evens out in the end, and the way I ran, im really surprised I didnt lose 10-15k today.....well -6.3k...feelsbad.jpg :(


  1. feelsbadman.jpeg

  2. mad baller/10 having that to lose in the first place and just react with a sad emoticon

    check me out brah

  3. Really like the insight on this lifestyle...


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