Friday, January 28, 2011

Took yesterday off and went to see traces at Ricardo Montalban Theatre in L.A. Pretty good show, its an acrobatic show. 90 minute show and they filled it up nicely. I usually buy tickets from ticketmaster, but found this one site and tested it out with this show, and no issues..and it was about 50% cheaper..if you join up, use my ref link at least :)

Today I ran bad as you can see the redline is what I should have won or lost, and the green line is what I actually lost. It all evens out in the end, and the way I ran, im really surprised I didnt lose 10-15k today.....well -6.3k...feelsbad.jpg :(

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


On a side note, I got about a $700 refund for the last day i lost like 8k....i probably lost about 3k in equity at minimum though, which sucks...they only refunded me on the sngs where I could not return fast enough, and I got blinded out. The thing is, there was games where I was headsup at, and I ended up getting 2nd on all of those which is a HUGE difference, $400 each one basically( and I was 14-16 tabling) so each time this happened I was headsup in at least 2-3 games..and this happend 2 times that day..also not to mention the other sngs where I had the chiplead on the bubble, and got blinded down because of their software crashing on me.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Took Sunday off, heres today..going to end the day short, my computer is lagging hard while I play, so gotta backup some stuff and restore it :\...+5.5k

Saturday, January 22, 2011

:(....i am expecting +10k days 5 days in a row now ! so due, still up a little for the month..can easily finish off +30k...going to put in the work, and whatever the results are the results :)

Bad day, but watching this clip, always makes me laugh and forget..

Friday, January 21, 2011


Well, been doing good, so I knew I was in for a bad day..and it came. I was gonna just stop at -3kish or so because the way I was losing was pretty ridiculous, but meh, just want to put in the volume, run good or bad, and see how it turns up at the end of the month... -7.7k..ran way below ev, so I will get it back soon :), hopefully tomorrow haha

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Well, today was nice. I planned on taking the day off, didnt play all day, just came back from watching The Green Hornet, pretty good movie, i was expecting it be meh, with seth rogan playing a super-hero role and all...but it was pretty funny and had good action. Came home and saw that there was a lot of games running, so i get the itch to play, and then all of a sudden 30minutes later the games just die and there are very little running, so I end my session. Fortunately I ran good...+2.7k

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Had a w/e day. Not much volume, about 3hours worth of playing today, games kinda died out and I had to cut the day short.. +$2.2k

Other news, I have a prop bet with my brother on who will achieve a 6-pack 1k vs his 2k, because hes only 160lb (im 185lb or so)and hes been skinny fat forever, and Im a fatass right now. I also did a kiddy bet with my cousin for $50, on who will bench more (haha)by March 15th or so....ill try and get them to update pics and ill update the status here every week or every other week or something.

1-18-2011....thought I was going to have a very bad day, but escaped with just a small loser...was running ridiculously bad, i woulda been happy if i escaped with a -3k loss that day the way it was going, so ill take it :P

Monday, January 17, 2011

Would have been nice to have a +$10k day... :(
Took Sunday off, will be posting weekly graphs of my results. I am very optimistic this year. The past couple of years have been rough, as the skill level of the average player has risen, and the lack of new players ( new money ) has declined, it has been quite tough.

I am in a good position this year, I have studied my ass off, and hope to reap in the rewards this year !

kCuL DooG


Saturday, January 15, 2011

2011 Goals

Goal for January

* 10,000 games a month
* Have a $30,000 month ( including rb)

*Gym 3x week
*Jog 5x week

I am playing 6-max super turbos, I am relatively new to these games, but have put in a lot of study time, I review everyday, throughout my sessions. I want all these spots to be second nature to me. Although I am new to these games, I have already put in a lot of time on 9man super turbos, so It is a bit easier for me to transition into 6max, the bubble is a bit easier on 6-max as well.

I have been playing professionally for 6-7 years. I have made alot of money off poker, but at the same time I have lost alot of money in other ventures. I am 27 years old, and the younger I was, the more "gamble" I had inside of me to try and use the money I had to robusto as quickly as possible. Luck never went my way, and so here I am still grinding. Ideally I would like to only play 20 days a month, and have 2 days off each week.

Here is todays graph, first time I run -11k in ev in any given time in one some of it back at least...

Here is my lifetime graph