Saturday, January 22, 2011

:(....i am expecting +10k days 5 days in a row now ! so due, still up a little for the month..can easily finish off +30k...going to put in the work, and whatever the results are the results :)

Bad day, but watching this clip, always makes me laugh and forget..


Chris said...

You've been having a couple of bad you think its perhaps best you take a break for 3-4 days before playing again? All experts go through this phase, they just need to step aside for a while to clear their head, and return stronger. Keep on pushing may be a bad idea.

speakers4u said...

is it meant to say -$10k?

Born2Gamble said...

Unfortunately these are the standard swings for these stakes/games lol :(...going to be 4-10k swings as a standard....if I think it is effecting my play, I would definitely take a step back and clear my head though.

nah i meant I should win 10+ everyday for a week cuz im running so bad, lucks gotta even out,amirite? heh

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