Monday, January 17, 2011

Took Sunday off, will be posting weekly graphs of my results. I am very optimistic this year. The past couple of years have been rough, as the skill level of the average player has risen, and the lack of new players ( new money ) has declined, it has been quite tough.

I am in a good position this year, I have studied my ass off, and hope to reap in the rewards this year !

kCuL DooG



  1. good luck man! looking forward to the updates. followed!

  2. holy shit thats nuts

    ive just started betting a little money here and there on sports. 10k a day would be fuking awesome lol

  3. used to sportsbet like a degen till i dropped 50k in 2 days haha, betting pretty much the board on college basketball like a fein too much degen in me, staying away from that now..for the best odds you should check out though

  4. Good luck in your investing goals in 2011 (srs) Follow back brah =D

  5. Folowed. Looking forward to more.

  6. if you become a millionaire, remember me and give me about 350 thousand dollars broooo