Tuesday, January 25, 2011


On a side note, I got about a $700 refund for the last day i lost like 8k....i probably lost about 3k in equity at minimum though, which sucks...they only refunded me on the sngs where I could not return fast enough, and I got blinded out. The thing is, there was games where I was headsup at, and I ended up getting 2nd on all of those which is a HUGE difference, $400 each one basically( and I was 14-16 tabling) so each time this happened I was headsup in at least 2-3 games..and this happend 2 times that day..also not to mention the other sngs where I had the chiplead on the bubble, and got blinded down because of their software crashing on me.


  1. that's legit man.

    when you start out, did you lose a lot of money?

    this seems so time consuming...

  2. Looks like your graph is still higher than what it was when you started, profit is profit man. Good luck!

  3. Pokerwise, I was always pretty good...(well I was very aggressive, and back then everyone was so passive)I just had major tilt problems. I would deposit $50 run it up to 2-3k within a month, and then I would lose it all in one day on super low stakes. I would basically give away money out of anger because I couldnt control my emotions. So I never lost a lot of money to begin with, maybe 4-5 deposits of $50-$100...before I was able to begin to deal with "variance".

    Thanks for the luck, always helps :)

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