Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Had a w/e day. Not much volume, about 3hours worth of playing today, games kinda died out and I had to cut the day short.. +$2.2k

Other news, I have a prop bet with my brother on who will achieve a 6-pack 1k vs his 2k, because hes only 160lb (im 185lb or so)and hes been skinny fat forever, and Im a fatass right now. I also did a kiddy bet with my cousin for $50, on who will bench more (haha)by March 15th or so....ill try and get them to update pics and ill update the status here every week or every other week or something.

1-18-2011....thought I was going to have a very bad day, but escaped with just a small loser...was running ridiculously bad, i woulda been happy if i escaped with a -3k loss that day the way it was going, so ill take it :P


SDGUITAR said...

Damn. Commit to the 6 pack bet. Cut like a mofo. Acquire Currency and get Females.

Chris said...

+$2.2k and you call it a slow day?! Goddamn son you ballin`

speakers4u said...

strong gambler
I follow back!

iWantAesthetics said...

I walked into an interview without my resume today...I was I had $2.2K lol

Follow me back brah

Metatron said...

Man, everyone is exercising these days. I'm not gonna be left behind!

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