Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Reg Day

Played yesterday ( Tuesday). First time playing on a non weekend day. I wanted to see how tough the field would be, since I would encounter less fish/drunks etc and more regulars who either play part time or play poker full time.
         There were 5 regulars on the table. So yea, it was a tougher field, but still these regulars are not as imaginative/solid as the players online are. Online is very tough and everyone has a more balanced range and put you in more difficult spots more often.
                 The regs here played pretty pretty solid, but no check raise/air  / 3bets etc. If they did 3 bet, sure enough they will have KK +  .....of those 5 regulars, 1 was a pretty bad regular, and the other were ok, nothing great or any cause for concern. There was only 1 reg who I felt was very good and he seemed to have good hand reading skills. So he will be tough to stack in the future, I would rather not play too many pots with him because of that, or maybe I can just be more imaginative vs him since he is a thinking player :) He was an older white guy, business looking 45 year old.

          Overall, I feel I have a good edge vs the "regulars" . I will continue to work on my game, as I think most of my early success in this endeavor is due to my good hand reading skills and feel.
          Ended the day with +$430 for 2 hours of play....( took 1.5 hours to get a seat.....unreal)
I will be a little more aggressive in shot taking at higher stakes, simply because this bankroll is not my life bankroll, it is a separated from my funds I have saved for life expenses. Thats not to say im going to be ridiculous with it, as I have always been a bankroll nit :)

Total Bankroll : $6,000
Goal by December 31, 2013 - $40,000  and a regular at 5/10 nl
And fully transitioned back into full-time poker, hiring someone to take over the accounting part of my business.

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