Saturday, March 16, 2013

5/5nl $500 max

Played with a pretty reg infested game today. Met an asian named Win.
I started out playing pretty tag, then opened up a bit and started to try and isolate bad limpers. Its very hard to do this live, since people just LOVE to call preflop.
             Anyways, there was a pot where I held AJo.. 3 limpers and I raise to 40. I get 1 caller ( UTG) .
Flop 238    Pot $90
He checks, I bet $60, he calls.
Turn 6     Pot $210
He checks, I decide to double barrel.... I bet $150
He makes this meh face, acting like he hates his hand..and then shoves all in for $400 more LOL...
Live players are so funny, I see this so often, where they act like they super hate their hand and then shove all in....sure got nothing..RIGHT
I fold, he shows 45o ...
 -$250 that hand :(.......he was a regular also, its not uncommon to see these guys limp call with such trash.

Table is somewhat passive preflop..I get dealt ATo utg+2, I limp ( 45o guy is in the bb)...guy limps behind me, and Win ( asian) raises to 40 on button. He has been doing this pretty often on his button.
Everyone folds and I call, limper behind me folds. Its headsup
Flop 998 rainbow
I check, he bets $50, I call.
Turn J   Pot is $180
I check, he bets $100, he has about $350 behind.
I shove. He tanks for about 10 minutes...and then calls
River Q
He takes forever to show his hand, I show my AT for rivered straight, and he shows QQ for boat :(

After this hand, a reg said my KK was good I knew it ! He was talking about a previous hand I had vs him where I check raised flop, bet turn, and shoved river. on a J28Q5 board. But I had his KK beat that hand.

So now I rebuy....and I have this crazy image of course.
UTG fat white guy limps, folds to me and I raise to $25.
All fold to white guy who calls.
Flop 258 rainbow. Pot $55
He leads out to $35, I raise to $100. He calls
Turn Q    Pot $255
He checks, I shove $300
He instacalls with J8o loooool....river blank and I stack him.

He keeps on not believing me and I take him to value town on small pots, where he is calling me 100%  thinking I am just a crazy aggro player and never have anything. He thinks he will catch me bluffing soon :) . 

So now im on BB with QQ..UTG+2 raises to $20 with $400 stack... 4 callers, I re-raise to $120.
Folds to UTG+2 who folds, the other 3 callers end up calling ! ( one of which is the white fat guy)

Flop AQ2 rainbow. Pot $500
Fat guy checks, I bet out $200  ( these guys are so damn loose that I dont want to see a turn T, J, or K in an already big pot. I am just hoping someone gets stubborn with Ax given my crazy loose image.
Folds around to the fat white guy who instacalls me pretty much.

Turn K   Pot $900
He just shoves for his remainder $220 and says, I know your gonna bet so..ill just bet first.
I call.

River 3 $1,300 pot
He shows A8 loool :) and gets super mad saying of course it has to come AQx...and makes some comment sorta implying that he will stack me soon.

I get into a few more pots, one of which
I limp utg Q9s.....45o guy raises to $25, fat white guy calls, I call

Flop Ks 2d 8h
Checks around

Turn 5s
Fatty checks, I check, 45o guy bets $25, Fatty calls $25....I raise to $100
Both fold, easy game...I show and fat guy gets a little more upset :)

 I ended up leaving the game when 45o guy raises to $25, I call with 77 on the button. and BB ( asian) raises $95 more....45o guy calls..I call.  We are a little deep ..asian has about $800 and 45o guy has around $1200.

Flop comes 992r Pot $330
Asian checks, 45o guy checks, I bet $100, feeler bet and to have AJ,aq,ak fold out.

Asian calls, 45o guy folds.
Turn J   Pot $530
Asian checks, I check

River Q  Pot $530
Asian checks, and I check behind
Asian shows 97o  and I muck :(........this tilted me so hard that he had 97o and flops 99x vs my 77

He continued to flop super strong, trips etc on the next hands and about 20-30 minutes I just got up and left. I felt as if I was going to get setup with KK vs AA on AK2 kinda board vs him.

I was down about $1000 in the game and I only brought $1,500 with me to the casino.
I had $450 ( $100 in pocket) on the KK hand vs the fattys J8o

I ended up profiting +$900. The fatty was still at the table, and I did not want to leave as he was "out to get me" and I could continue to stack him, but that 97o hand really bothered me, so I left the game.

Bankroll : $6,900

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